Pick a Story: A Pirate Alien Jungle Adventure: The brand new interactive illustrated picture book adventure for children where YOU choose the story!

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Pick a Story: A Pirate Alien Jungle Adventure: The brand new interactive illustrated picture book adventure for children where YOU choose the story!

Pick a Story: A Pirate Alien Jungle Adventure: The brand new interactive illustrated picture book adventure for children where YOU choose the story!

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A TV chef uses … unorthodox ingredients, and there’s a related spike in mysterious disappearances in town. A man receives a pizza delivery intended for someone else and when he rings the number on the box finds the pizzeria doesn’t exist. Explore and explain the situation. Human children find a portal to another world. Tell the story from the viewpoint of a character whom they encounter in this other world.

Witty, eye-catching, memorable — these famous book titles have it all. Without further ado, here are 15 best book titles you can take inspiration from.It's Gwen's birthday but, oh no, the birthday cake that Dad's been busy making has DISAPPEARED. Gwen needs YOUR help to find it! Has the cake been stolen by dinosaurs? Or taken by robots? Has it been snatched by unicorns? It's up to YOU to decide! In a sleepy, mundane suburb a mysterious drumming starts up each night at nightfall. Only the children can hear it. If you hear it you have to hide very well, or what?

We live in a time of rapid technological advancement that supplies plenty of fodder for interesting sci-fi stories. Here are 5 topics ideas: Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels – Their Emotional, Memorable Feud | The Pro Wrestling Stories Podcast Two would-be lovers from different cultures are kept apart by cultural differences that make their families interfere. What are the differences and how will they overcome them to be together?

History is full of dramatic lives and incidents and curious, colourful characters. Here are 5 topic ideas: Four childhood friends think the weird house on the corner is haunted. The reality is far worse and much more sinister. What is it?

What I really like about this book is how it gives the children choice. The children get to decide what happens if they make a different choice and this opens a great dialogue to discuss what happens when we make a different choice. This book is an excellent resource for a Primary school classroom, whether reading for pleasure with a younger class or looking at plot and narratives with an older class. A child prodigy in the 1800s stows away on a ship and tours the world giving concerts. Write their fictional autobiography. My favourite bits were where the choices smashed into something approaching narrative: where Jonathan happened upon an actor dressed as a merchant or digitally imposed onto a tree. A mythical creature is found living in a small town’s lake. What is it and how does finding it change the local community, for better or worse? Plot Generator is really best if used completely randomly (press 'fill in) and see what happens. We got a completely zany storyline that included robots poking each other."

A teenaged boy who loves Marvel and DC comics wishes he had superpowers. Then he gets terrifying superpowers with grisly consequences. Gritty detective novels, cozy mysteries featuring amateur sleuths – whatever subgenre of mystery you enjoy, it’s fun piecing together clues for readers. Here are 5 mystery ideas: A kid with two moms of different ethnicities in a conservative town grapples with identity and overcomes prejudice as they grow up. As well as deciding how the narrative plays out, adventurers are invited to share their thoughts on topics that feed into the action, from discussing which animal they’d take to school for Show-and-Tell, to selecting souvenirs for aliens.

A middle-school kid is diagnosed with a rare condition and achieves their dreams despite it. What is the condition, what are their dreams, and how do they find a way through the obstacles they face?

Young Adult or YA novels are typically pitched at readers aged 12 to 18 (though many adults enjoy them). They often deal with the challenges and discoveries involved in coming of age. Here are 5 ideas: Magical ability is available to a race when people turn a certain age. Yet they must make a major sacrifice to gain it. What is the sacrifice? Is it worth it in the end? The winners of The Farshore Reading for Pleasure Teacher Awards 2023, highlighting the work schools are doing to encourage a love of reading, have...

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