Bruce Lee at Golden Harvest Limited Edition 4K UHD [Blu-ray] [Region Free]

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Bruce Lee at Golden Harvest Limited Edition 4K UHD [Blu-ray] [Region Free]

Bruce Lee at Golden Harvest Limited Edition 4K UHD [Blu-ray] [Region Free]

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It's difficult to say whether or not the untimely death of Lee prior to the film’s release added to the legend of both the man and the film or not. Most already know the history of the production, which severely altered Lee's original tale into a straightforward revenge flick involving the mafia, a fiancée (Colleen Camp) and apparently, a restaurant designed like a pagoda. Granted, the ADR work for Billy Lo can be terribly distracting and near laughable, but overall dialogue reproduction is nonetheless crystal clear and takes priority over the rest of the action.

While the English and Cantonese options are strong in their own right, the Mandarin soundtrack delivers a fuller, more satisfying soundstage, exhibiting distinct clarity and definition of the background information. Given the sheer number of versions, the review of picture quality below will be for the main versions (the versions presented first in the list above) of each film only. Europe's busiest forums, with independent news and expert reviews, for TVs, Home Cinema, Hi-Fi, Movies, Gaming, Tech and more. before changing its name in the wake of the international success of its follow up, to the title more familiar to most today as The Way of the Dragon (1972).The hot-tempered Chen not only beats up the man and his friend, but Lee goes one further by kicking the offensive sign and breaking it in midair. Starting at the very beginning, of the five films being looked at – The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Game of Death and Game of Death II – all were shot on 35mm, using the anamorphic process (whereby the widescreen picture shot – in the case of these films, at 2. Unlike the first movie, audiences are allowed first-row seats to Lee's fighting talents about a quarter of the way in when he crashes the aforementioned dojo and single-handedly defeats everyone. and yet upon its premiere in Hong Kong, the crowd erupted over it and Lee, instantly recognising the birth of a major star.

Blacks are maybe a little thicker here than expected, possibly as a result in the drop of detail, but while a step down in overall picture terms, given the source’s history (reviews for other releases of the film have noted issues with the picture, but the reasons for which escaped me), it’s still a far from poor image. Others made the most of this unprecedented fame though and countless imitators jumped on the ‘Brucesploitation’ bandwagon. However taken on its own and my own hazy memories of half watched TV and VHS showings in my youth, this set presents some truly exceptional restoration work on some very sub-optimal source material. This included Golden Harvest, who took Lee’s Game of Death footage and crowbarred it into a film of the same name that shared little else with the filmmaker’s original intentions.However members of the local Japanese dojo arrive and taunt the Chinese students, starting an ever-escalating series of revenge attacks that culminate in the inevitable consequences of grief, injustice and intolerance. No other person has left such an indelible mark on popular culture in just two short years as Lee and as such, its difficult to know where to separate the myth from any sense of reality…so let’s start where Lee would want us to, with the things that he drove his own incredible standards of perfection to deliver…his films. image with rich, deep blacks while shadows have excellent visibility of the finer details within the darkest, murkiest corners. This brought Lee to the attention of former Shaw Brothers production head Raymond Chow, who saw Lee as a potentially valuable asset and signed him up for a two-film deal with his relatively new Golden Harvest Studio. I watched the extended Mandarin Cut for this review, which has long been sought-after by Western Lee fans.

but what Arrow have done here is a monumental achievement in bringing us not just the films in the best technical quality currently possible (rights withstanding and with some truly exceptional restoration done where source material allows), but a wealth of extra material to really help us understand why Lee is so revered after barely two years of proper cinematic output. This definitive collection, featuring fresh and exclusive 4K restorations by Arrow Video from the best available film materials, hours of brand new bonus features and previously unreleased footage - including the extended Mandarin Cut of The Big Boss, now ten minutes longer than any version ever released on video worldwide, and the never-before-seen 'log fight' from the original Game of Death shoot - is the ultimate tribute to Bruce Lee's enduring legacy and fruitful collaboration with Golden Harvest.

The version included here comes with a nearly four-hour video essay from James Flower that uses all the rushes from Lee’s original shoot, showing you what he intended and the way he wanted to tell the story on a grand scale through a series of set-piece fight scenes. As with the video, the same selection of audio options are ported over from the aforementioned 40th Anniversary Blu-ray, so once again, I will share Mr. Funny enough, considering how often I've watched the movie, I always seem to forget that Lee's character is originally enlisted by British intelligence at the start of the movie to infiltrate Han's (Shih Kien) criminal operations. After a short while, the cousins and their fellow workers worry about the disappearance of some of their group. NEW Pre-Production Sales Featurette (HD, 7 min) is a featurette originally produced by Golden Harvest in 1976, but the audio has been lost.

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