Deadhouse Gates (Book 2 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen)

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Deadhouse Gates (Book 2 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen)

Deadhouse Gates (Book 2 of The Malazan Book of the Fallen)

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His warlocks Nil and Nether at one point open a tunnel into a raider encampment to destroy it, incidentally revealing water underground, and learn that a Semk tribesman has a piece of the destroyed Semk god sewn into him. As Fiddler, Crokus, and Apsalar travel separately through Raraku, Apsalar's memories gradually confirm that the Rope, the patron god of assassins, who possessed her as Sorry, was the previous Emperor Kellenvad's assassin Dancer, and that Kellenvad and Dancer must have escaped Laseen's assassination efforts by ascending to godhood over the new Warren and House of Shadow. One of the three tribes facing the Chain attacks the other two and Dom’s army, defeating the tribes but not the army, but declares the Wickans the most powerful after they survive the multiway fight around them. Half human, half jaghut; with his greenish skin, protruding tusks and tall, muscled, Hulk-like physique, you’d likely shit yourself if you bumped into Icarium in a dark alley. A much harsher reminder of Heboric’s former role – or, rather, his reasons for leaving it – are his missing hands, which were cut off and given to Fener after Heboric got caught with them in the coffers.

According to Erikson, he wrote Deadhouse Gates over the course of eight months whilst working at the Toyota Head office in Redhill, UK, with Gardens of the Moon due out early the following year. the folks at Psion, whose extraordinary 5 Series was home to this novel's first draft; Daryl and crew at Cafe Hosete; and, of course, Simon Taylor and the rest at Transworld. While you might be a wee bit disappointed to find so few familiar faces in Deadhouse Gates, I can assure you that the likes of Rake, Brood, Tool, Whiskeyjack and Quick Ben will be back in book three, Memories of Ice, where they’ll mingle with some of the epic personalities you’re about to meet. In this case, the ‘dogs’ are not only the Malazan soldiers but also refugees; children, women, the elderly, the destitute and the nobility, natives and migrants, warriors and witches and the weak.

Unlike the previous book, which followed different groups of characters in close proximity to one another, the character threads in Deadhouse Gates are frequently separated by hundreds or thousands of miles at a time. But, I recognize that her character traits is purposeful so I've kept it out of Bad and in Medicore. Unlike your typical sequel, this felt more like a standalone sequel featuring almost a completely new set of characters in a totally different continent with a brand new self-contained main story. Meanwhile, Coltaine, the charismatic commander of the Malaz 7th Army, will lead his battered, war-weary troops in a last, valiant running battle to save the lives of thirty thousand refugees and, in so doing, secure an illustrious place in the Empire’s chequered history.

Fiddler’s conch shell with its Tano song and munitions delivered from Quick Ben by the Trygalle Trade Guild help to restrain the shapeshifters, as does Crokus’s bhoka’ral who turns out to be a Soletaken demon and becomes the guardian of Tremorlor after opening the door for the company. Unprecedented in size and savagery, this maelstrom of fanaticism and bloodlust will embroil the Malazan Empire in one of the bloodiest conflicts it has ever known, shaping destinies and giving birth to legends.Sergeant Gesler and his squad are mooching around at a miserable coastal posting when the Whirlwind Rebellion sweeps into town. The interior of Tremorlor is like a map of all Azath Houses, and Pust and then Icarium and Mappo disappear to other parts of the world before Fiddler, Crokus, Servant, and Apsalar find their way to Malaz City, where the Deadhouse's Guardian Gothos reveals that Icarium is his son and his crime was to wound a warren while trying to free Gothos from the Azath (though Gothos wanted to be there). The company takes refuge in a cave network to avoid Raraku's whirling sand and finds a First Empire city of T’lan Imass, destroyed in hours by the outbreak of conflict between the Soletaken and D’ivers, and signs in a Deck of Holds that the Beast Hold throne is empty.

But Coltaine’s mere presence (which, with his fabulous crow-feather cloak, is striking indeed) puts a halt to most of the initial bickering and backbiting, and his competence (and all-round badassery) in battle and logistics gradually inspires the awe of thousands. Now imagine if he’d promoted Mance Rayder, or Tormund Giantsbane, or even WunWun, to lead the Night’s Watch to battle beyond the Wall.One of the main reasons behind this is that Deadhouse Gates is considered one of the strongest installment within the series by the fans after Memories of Ice and The Bonehunters. Icarium can tell that the house is under siege by the shapeshifters and the damaged warren, and plans to fight to defend it. But as jingoistic as the Red Blades are, even they despise Pormqual – especially when his fearful paranoia leads him to have them all locked up. Coltaine's Wickans defeat one of Kamist Reloe's tribes, though outnumbered seven to one, thus convincing Duiker that Coltaine means to do more than merely flee the rebellion. The quality is amazing, but some of my enjoyment is lost as I cannot understand the story well enough to enjoy it the way that I would a Janny Wurts or a George RR Martin novel.

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