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Just Another Diamond Day

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The result was Just Another Diamond Day — an album that, much like her earlier efforts, hardly caused a ripple in the pop-music marketplace. Alex, Michael. " 'If I could take off to the hills I probably would,' says 'Godmother of freak folk' Vashti Bunyan ahead of rare Fife gig". The Courier . Retrieved 8 December 2019. And I remember standing on the pavement outside my cottage and reading the paper and closing it and saying to myself, ‘I’m never doing this again. I can’t do this anymore. I’m obviously no good at it.’ On another note, if you are looking for something VERY similar I suggest Color Green by Sibylle Baier. You could probably mistake it for the same artist as Vashti and they are both 70s gems. In 2007, she collaborated with novelist Rodge Glass on the song "The Fire" for the compilation album Ballads of the Book which was devised to combine Scottish writers with Scottish singers (Bunyan lives in Edinburgh).

I could never listen to it because it felt like such a terrible failure. It wasn’t what I had intended it to be — not that I’d ever really intended it to be anything. Vashti Bunyan: 'When Just Another Diamond Day came out again it was as if there was a whole different climate' ". www.yorkshirepost.co.uk. 23 November 2018 . Retrieved 8 December 2019.Even when she’s unwell, the 74-year-old’s voice sounds feathery and wan, sort of as if someone had pumped it full of clouds. It was a voice I knew well; a voice that has remained virtually unchanged for 50 years. A cover of "Train Song" performed by Ben Gibbard and Feist appeared on Dark Was The Night, a charity compilation benefiting HIV/AIDS awareness and the Red Hot Organization. It was released by 4AD on 17 February 2009.

Bunyan’s latest work is her least folksy yet. Heartleap was largely self-recorded and self-produced on digital technology she recently mastered herself when a music tech course refused to take her on, being a woman of a certain age. After stints with Joe Boyd (who produced JADD) and Max Richter (who produced Lookaftering), Bunyan has finally seized the means of production, an unlikely riot grrrl. If it had come out when I first was making those songs in ‘68, I might have had a small window of opportunity then. But it was too late. I sometimes listen to a song of somebody's and I think it’s a beautiful song with a wonderful melody, but then wonder why can’t they just get rid of those drums? They don’t need to be there. It’d be really beautiful without them. Because sometimes I think people think they have to be there. And I really don’t think so. Not on everything. I get very bored with them. The English singer songwriter Vashti Bunyanwas born in South Tyneside in 1945 and grew up in central London.After being expelled from the Ruskin School of Drawingand Fine Art at Oxford Universityfor focusing on music instead of art, Bunyanpursued the London pop scene and gained the attention of Rolling Stonesmanager, Andrew Loog Oldham.It took me another couple years to even think about what I was going to do. And then I decided, rather than try and find somebody else, I wanted to try and do something of what he might have done, so that’s when I started doing the arrangements and recording it all myself. And I decided I just needed to do it all by myself. Heartleap, your third and most recent album, came out in 2014, almost a decade after you released Lookaftering. Why did it take so long? If it hadn’t been for Joe, I would never have recorded those songs at all. But if you ask me why I abandoned it, it was because I didn’t feel it was really a part of me anymore. Joe had taken away all the tapes with him to America, and I had no input in the mixing or anything about it. So when I heard the demo that he sent me, I couldn’t connect to it. It felt like somebody else had done it. I knew that they were my songs and I loved some of them. But some of them I didn’t love. It wasn’t what I considered my style at the time. The treatment to some of the songs was very folky. It was Donovan who had helped us to buy our horse and wagon. He persuaded us to go up to these islands that he'd bought off the northwest coast of Scotland because he was wanting to set up a kind of artists’ community with writers and painters and musicians in these abandoned houses that were there. It sounded great to us. It sounded like just what we wanted to do.

This release in particular is my personal favorite of all her releases. Touchingly real and warmly inviting, it seems to sum up the beauty of life as it must have been here in the UK before electricity graced our lands... Using old standards (Lily Pond is done to the standard of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) and soft invoking melodies, her lyrics are a moving and heart felt narrative of late sixties dreaming. Friend, fellow folk singer and longtime fan Devendra Banhart reportedly writes her name on his arm before some concerts. Mutual Benefit Covers An Entire Vashti Bunyan Album". NPR. 30 May 2017 . Retrieved 12 January 2021. It was partly my own selfishness that made me reach out to Bunyan, an artist I’ve been listening to since high school when I befriended a 1970s-obsessed classmate. For me, listening to her music is like sitting next to a window on a rainy day and gazing out. Her tunes are melancholy and wistful, yet hopeful and not totally downtrodden. They’re like reminders that it’s OK to feel depressed or to yearn for the past or, even to act younger than your age. Murphy, Matthew (27 October 2005). "Lookaftering Album Review - Vashti Bunyan". Pitchfork . Retrieved 16 December 2022.You waited 35 years to return to music and release your second album, Lookaftering, and I’ve always wondered, what did you do with your life during those three decades? That was because when we were mastering the album in London, when we got to the end of the last song, this wonderful woman who mastered it — she had done Lookaftering as well — she turned to me and said, ‘So when we do the next one, we're going to do this and this and this.’ And I said, ‘I’m never doing this again!’ Songwriter/Composer: BUNYAN JENNIFER VASHTI". Repertoire.bmi.com. Archived from the original on 10 January 2016 . Retrieved 12 August 2014. Lush covered her song "I'd Like To Walk Around in Your Mind". They got to know it from the Circus Days compilation. I think I was always musical. I used to sing myself to sleep every night and I listened to music all throughout my childhood. My father had an enormous collection of classical records. It’s all very familiar to me now. I know nothing about who wrote what or what things are called, but all of that music is in my head. And I think I terribly wanted to be a pop singer from the age of about 16 or 17. That was what I wanted. But I didn’t start writing songs until I was 18.

What was your voice like when you returned to making music in the early 2000s? Was it out of shape? Did it sound differently? The Branch does also feel a little nicer with its 180 grams of mass however and the vinyl really is dead quiet.


The rest of the time, I do a little bit of recording, but not much. Though what I’m really supposed to be doing — and finding very difficult — is write. But then when Just Another Diamond Day finally came out in 1970, you decided to abandon your musical career altogether. Why?

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