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Midnight Mass is prime example of why Wilson is on my top three list. Compared to a lyrical artist like Barker - Wilson's no frills stripped down prose is perfect for me. Wilson is focused on the important stuff, story and characters. No one plots a novel or epic tale like Wilson, while this stand alone novel doesn't entirely showcase that strength as well as the Secret History of the World stories, this novel is perfectly plotted. The actors filling out the series’ ensemble cast include Flanagan regular (and wife) Kate Siegel as Erin Greene, Henry Thomas as Ed Flynn, Rahul Kohli as Sheriff Hassan, Samantha Sloyan as Bev Keane, Annabeth Gish as Dr. Sarah Gunning, Kristin Lehman as Annie Flynn, Robert Longstreet as Joe Collie, Crystal Balint as Dolly, Michael Trucco as Wade, Annarah Cymone as Leeza, Rahul Abburi as Ali Hassan, and Matt Biedel as Sturge. In many Western Christian traditions, Midnight Mass is the first liturgy of Christmastide that is celebrated on the night of Christmas Eve, traditionally beginning at midnight when Christmas Eve gives way to Christmas Day. This popular Christmas custom is a jubilant celebration of the mass or service of worship in honour of the Nativity of Jesus; even many of those Christian denominations that do not regularly employ the word mass uniquely use the term "Midnight Mass" for their Christmas Eve liturgy as it includes the celebration of Holy Communion. [ citation needed] History [ edit ] So who does Wilson set against this growing empire of evil? Sadly the 'good guys' read like the start of a joke and they end up being cliché heavy. The 'good guys' are: When it comes to seeing a priest in a horror story, the common audience expectation is that he is the villain. It’s a common trope in horror. Flanagan chose a different road.

When the teenage girls of the world (and some of their moms) were dividing into Team Jason or Team Edward, I had already declared for Team Buffy. First of all, it's BUFFY. Second, I've always been more interested in the vampire hunters. Too often, the vampire geeks of the world seem like sad types with low self-esteem, the kind who, in more extreme cases, become serial killer groupies. Wilson takes some shots at Anne Rice novels and goth-type vampire-wannabes who find that getting what you want isn't always so great. (Not every victim gets turned; some just die horribly.) Also, Wilson has a lot of former investment bankers, politicians, and lawyers becoming vampires or the human weasels who help them, a touch that I liked. In that sense, Flanagan’s trip to church certainly works in mysterious ways, but not wholly satisfying ones. Across these events, since the island community was established in the 1800s (according to the old newspaper clipping in the pastor's house), the island's population has diminished. "We used to be hundreds, now we're just dozens. This isn't a community anymore, honey. It's a ghost," Riley's mom Annie says. Buoyed by a cast that includes Henry Thomas and Annabeth Gish, what distinguishes “Midnight Mass” perhaps more than anything is the nature of its ideas and the extent to which Flanagan clearly wants to contemplate them while toying with horror conventions, seeking to engage the audience in unexpectedly layered fashion. What remains, she says, is something deeper and more profound: “The quiet understanding of someone who’s actually seen who you are.”The vampires are taking over the world. It’s apocalyptic. A few individuals make some cool wins against the vampires. I liked the intelligence and thoughtfulness.

The internal monologues, debates, and discussions Flanagan had with himself throughout this drawn-out process all ended up going into the show. Students of the genre will see other derivative elements – the 1979 remake of “Nosferatu” comes to mind – in this macabre and cerebral tale, which plunges deeply into the relationship between religion and vampirism, what with the rising-from-the-dead, blood-drinking aspects of the latter.Vampires control all of Europe, India, the Far East and the major cities in North and South America. It seems that nothing can stand in their way and that humanity will become cattle for the harvesting, the source of the blood of life. By the twelfth century, the practice of midnight Mass had become more widespread as all priests had been granted the faculty of celebrating three Masses on Christmas Day (previously reserved to the Pope), provided the three different propers were celebrated at their appropriate times of midnight, dawn and day. [1] Traditions [ edit ] On Christmas Eve, the Advent Wreath is traditionally completed with the lighting of the Christ Candle in many church services. Roman Catholicism [ edit ] How do you take somebody who you think is a rational person, or a person of faith, or a person that you think is a little like you and walk them into this place where they would willingly kill themselves for an idea?” She continued, "If you look, there's a screengrab in Hush where you're looking at Maddie's computer screen and it says, 'The red and blue lights of the cop car twinkle off the Jesus fish.' That's the first shot of Midnight Mass ." At least, it's extremely unlikely. Following the success of 2018's The Haunting of Hill House, it was announced at the beginning of 2019 that Flanagan and longtime producing partner Trevor Macy (they've been working together since 2013's Oculus) have a multi-year deal with Netflix to develop new series exclusively for the streamer.

Is all this really horror? Midnight Mass was certainly marketed as horror. And Flanagan loves to slowly weave tonal qualities like atmospheric dread into a soft cocoon of meditations on life, love, and the human experience. He typically seems more concerned with the latter than the former, however, and his work nearly always rejects the fundamental core of most modern horror: the paradoxically comforting assertion that all hope is lost. Is a Mike Flanagan horror film ever really a horror film? I think no. Kate Siegel, who plays Erin Greene, starred in the 2016 horror Hush as an author who writes a book titled Midnight Mass. Bev’s complete readiness to usher in the book of Revelations might sound over the top, but it really isn’t. As I watched Midnight Madness, I was frequently reminded of Mississippi governor Tate Reeves, who recently defended his leadership of the state with the worst pandemic death toll in the US by claiming that people who believe in the afterlife “don’t have to be so scared of things.” Even relatively mainstream Christian voices have questioned whether the pandemic is God’s judgment.Admitting he had a problem with alcohol gave him the clarity needed to make this version of Midnight Mass, he said: “It’s a very different show with three years of sobriety behind me than it would have been before that. I feel like it would have been an incomplete conversation.”

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